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Brilliant pictures Ken. You're booked for my next karaoke session.
Lord Gutbucket

howard jones 30 anniversary o2 birmingham

Fantastic pictures Ken in a brilliant gig by Howard Jones at Birmingham, is there any chance of me purchasing a couple of shots from you?
brian bainbridge

Howard Jones 30th Anniversary review

Dear Ken

I just wanted to thank you for your glowing review and great stills from the concert - you captured some great frames from the visuals.

Warmest best wishes,

Stephen W Tayler
Visual Director and Mixed Media Artist

above shots

great set of photos Ken! :-)

'12 Apostles' - south of Victoria??

Funny that - a very quick glance reminded me of the 'Twelve Apostles' - I think there are only about 7 now.
When I was young doing my first uni course, I was fascinated with rocks and hills, but urban planning and economics won.
Anita Hoerr

Ken Harrison

This is so weird. One of your tweets showed up in my Twitter feed and it caught my attention because I went to a Stranglers show in 1984 and went with a Ken Harrison.

Its a small world Charlie, there are a few Ken Harrisons around :-)
Charlie Patterson

Snowy Day in Bearwood

Fantastic photos Ken....!!!!! -

Thanks Keith, much appreciated :-) Ken

Ultravox Birmingham 26 Sept

My favourite Ken. Love it!!

Wide boy

"He's the driver of a big yellow car!"
Mark Szolkowski

The Barbican

I've recently started studying architetcure and building styles (only as an amature and only for personal enjoyment) but brutelism isn't a style I've gone into much yet - but I LOVE this picture - it reminds me of a skeleton - the back bone and rib cage......
Mandy (M)

Numa Bar

Absolutely LOVE these photographs :) Great job and it was lovely to meet you xxx Kerry x
Kerry Peppiatt

Viewed pictures.

Exceptional Kenneth, exceptional.


Hi You take a great photo thanks for getting in touch

John Garghan

Wonder Stuff Pic.

Ken, Photo is stunning, many many thanks. Hopefully Mr H and Erica will duly oblige!
Glenn Raybone


Ken found a link to your website from Facebook - it looks great! Photography is so you give lessons??
Dawn Karakatsanis

Cool work

Nice website Ken....I love the fact you are pushing your boundaries to things out of your comfort zone. Nice work Batman.!!
Deb Underhill

Fab work Ken

Hi Ken, we really like the photos especially the colour landscapes.
Fiona and Rob x
Fiona Adamson


me and frank said it was fun watching the slide show
steven harrison and frank birch (his son and cousion)

Your Website

Hi Ken,
I clicked on your website from your post on Linkedin. Lovely work.
James Williams

petit bonjour from Kevin & Pamela

Hi Ken, Kevin and I love the website. I have always loved b&w' much more detail than colour pix. Stay warm and fit. cheers!
Pamela Aspinall


Great work Ken, You sure know how to take a pic!!
Richard Oliver

The "List"

Steven and I find the pictures lovely, keep up the great work xx
Jennifer and Steven Harrison

Landscapes 6

I dare anyone to say they can do better.These landscapes and a few others I've seen on this site are awesome.Ken really knows how to not capture but steal the atmosphere to re-create it in his shots.
Duncan Mc Knight

Snowdon pics

Love the new Snowdon pics...great shots!
Jenny E

Music photos

Nice work dude.

The profile of Peter Murphy is cracking. Also warmed by your images of Wychbury Hill.
Kerry Rowberry

Swiss Pics

Just had a look at your holiday pics they look great cant wait to see the rest. Oz

A man of many talents!

What a great site, you're clearly a man of many talents!
Lee Avery

Guest Book

Hello Ken,
Took time out to view your site and notice you've added quite a few images since my last peep. It's all good stuff squire - well done as always. As Arnold used to say - "I'll be..."
Ashley Corr


I love your B+W landscapes, quality shooting. Hopefully our paths may cross one day in the photo arena.
Ian Dunn


Just had a look at your website photo galleries.
Very professional.
Are you thinking of making a living out of photos - perhaps posters; Xmas cards etc; weddding photos??
Peter Rowley


Wonderful photo's, enjoyed every single one.
very refreshing to see.
Lorraine Nelson


Just browsing your site and really like the images, especially the infra-red.
Dan Harvey

Your Picture Gallery

Your pictures are magnificent
Steven Harrison

Web Site

great web site you got there young ken
Russell Stanley

New website

Ken, your work is truly amazing. I love every one of your photos. Keep them coming.

Debbie Hendle


Wanted to be the first to leave you feedback.

A professional website shows your photos off perfectly

Becky x
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